Payload (III)

Instrument Descriptions (cont'd)

II. Energetic Particles

  • Fly's Eye Energetic Particle Sensor (FEEPS): The two FEEPS will measure 3D energetic ion and electron flux distributions over the energy ranges ~25 keV to 500 keV (electrons) and ~45 keV to 500 keV (ions). Time resolution = 10 s. FEEPS development is led by Co-I J. B. Blake (Aerospace Corporation).
  • Energetic Ion Spectrometer (EIS): EIS uses a time-of-flight/pulse-height sensor to provide ion composition measurements (protons vs. oxygen ions) and angular distributions over the energy range ~45 keV to 500 keV and with a temporal resolution of 30 s. EIS development is led by Co-I B. H. Mauk (Applied Physics Laboratory), who also heads the Energetic Particle investigation as a whole.


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